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1)What banks and payment systems do you work with? 

2)How is input-withdrawal of title units carried out?

3)Within what time the money will arrive on the card? 

4)Until what hour can I make an exchange?

5)Why is my application rejected or gives an error?

6)I paid the application (invoice), but the money has not arrived, why ?


******If you see the transaction on your wallet, but there is no confirmation for a long time, then there are delays on the side of Blockchain, we can not affect the speed.Please do not leave negative feedback, because from our side everything was paid. Thank you for your understanding.

1)What banks and payment systems do you work with? 

*Privatbank (Privat24 system);Visa/MasterCard, Mono
More than a dozen more payment systems will be added in the near future.


2)How is the input-withdrawal of title units?

First of all, you need to make an application on the Main page of the site for input-withdrawal of title units, selecting the directions you need and filling in the form with personal data. After clicking the button "Continue" you will receive the details for payment, which must be made within 15 minutes after the application at this stage the status of your application is "Waiting for payment". After our system automatically confirms the payment, the status of your application will change to "Executed", immediately after that the transfer of title units to your wallet (card or account). After the exchange you will receive a letter confirming the payment.

3)Within how long will the money arrive on the card? 
After you have paid for the application the funds will be credited to your card within 1-3 minutes.
If you have a VISA/MasterCard card, the funds will be debited from our account within 1-3 minutes, but can be credited to your account within 1 banking day.

On any other payment systems the money is received from 1 to 15 minutes.

4)Until what hour can I make an exchange?
Our service works in automatic mode 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year.
Technical support of the service works round the clock.
You can contact the operator through the feedback system, e-mail, online-chat and the specified data on the Contact page and in the upper right corner of the site.

5)Why my application was rejected or gives an error?
*probably not enough currency reserve to pay for your application (you can use the button "Not enough" in the upper left part of the exchange application form);
*you have not paid your request within 15 minutes;
*Perhaps you made a mistake when entering your details or full name;

6)I paid application (invoice), but the money did not arrive, why ?
*your wallet in the payment system or card number in the bank is blocked or has restrictions. In this case, the funds sent by you will be returned back to the same details from which the payment was made, minus the commission of the payment system or bank;
* you have specified incorrect payment details. If the account you specified exists and the funds were sent by us, you should contact the account holder and try to solve the issue with him. If the account you specified does not exist and the transfer is "hung" in our system, after your identification we will send the transfer to the correct details.