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In the fields Last Name and First Name it is necessary to specify the data of the recipient. The data should be filled in in Latin alphabet. If the recipient does not have a patronymic - you can put a dash " - " .  

Please note that in this direction Deposit/Withdrawal - does not work with cards issued in Russia, Belarus, Serbia. These restrictions are related with payment merchants that block transfers to cards issued in these countries.


Антоніна Квотіна 5/20/24, 10:03 PM

Не вперше користуюся сервісом, завжди все чудово!
Відмінний курс та блискавичний обмін, команда на висоті!
Нещодавно піднімали мінімальну суму, дуже радий, що зараз зробили її менше, працюємо далі і раджу всім!

Daniel Beers 5/20/24, 3:30 PM

This service is my favorite. I always change only here. The guys know their business and approach to the client. I am satisfied and sincerely recommend it!

Cassidy Plasse 5/19/24, 4:47 PM

I apologize for the initial rudeness in the online chat. The operator explained everything to me in great detail and helped me to successfully close the exchange issue.

Рамиль Похомов 5/18/24, 10:54 PM

Обменник сразу внушил доверие количеством пар для обмена и добротным сайтом, никакого вырви глаз оформления. В процессе выяснилось что обмен без регистраций еще и быстрый. Приятный экспириенс, всем рекомендую

Logan Pollari 5/18/24, 10:28 AM

One of the best services, proven over the years. Great team of employees who know their business, who are always on call and solve any issues related to the exchange. Thank you for the quality!

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