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Before creating a request - clarify the details in the chat, on the procedure of exchange in your city. If your city is not in the list - please also contact the chat, and clarify, perhaps in your city there is also cash exchange, but due to low popularity and nuances of work - will be a slight adjustment of the tariff. 

Please pay special attention to the minimum exchange amounts! If you want to perform an exchange for an amount that is less than 5000 USD, the site will automatically recalculate it taking into account an additional commission of 45 USD.  From 5000 USD to 10 000 USD - additional commission 25 USD. This is due to the fact that partners for cash acceptance / cash withdrawal in small equivalent - charge a commission. We ask you to take this nuance with understanding. If you exchange more than 10 000 USD - there are no additional commissions and recalculations. 

Please coordinate the amounts in advance in Telegram:

We work at the rate from the exchange Binance. If you exchange cryptocurrency - the application is considered paid after the required number of confirmations in the network of the cryptocurrency you exchange, it can be tracked on the sites of verification of transactions sent cryptocurrency, or wait for a letter to the mail about the change of status of the application - it comes automatically as soon as we are credited.

Fixed exchange fee of 0.4%, this fee is already included in the exchange rate.


Richard Berfield 6/16/24, 2:41 PM

A decent, honest and very convenient service. Even a beginner can understand the rules and subtleties here. Payments to the wallet always come according to the regulations and exact amounts. Thank you for the excellent service.

Дмитро Сумський 6/15/24, 10:16 PM

Все пройшло супер круто, була нестандартна ситуація, яку швидко та вкрай зручно вирішили у чаті з менеджером. Гроші надійшли протягом 15 хв. Рекомендую.

Laurette Jensen 6/15/24, 3:15 PM

I trust this proven service to exchange my money and have never regretted it. I am always pleased with the speed of payment, favorable exchange rates and excellent online support, which is always on the phone.

Матвей Стариков 6/15/24, 1:46 AM

Очень быстрый и удобный обменник, всегда работает, всегда есть запас для обмена, большой выбор вариантов обмена и самое важное для меня это привлекательный курс.

Amanda McCook 6/14/24, 12:30 PM

It is a pleasure to work with this site, no nerves and problems. Every exchange is comfortable, successful and in accordance with the regulations. I am very pleased with favorable exchange rates and polite, competent online support. I wholeheartedly recommend this service.

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